For Doctors and Dentists
works with all windows based practice management software
• Data is never on the internet unencrypted
• HIPAA compliant
• Can be set to backup each night automatically

Doctors, dentists, podiatrists, physical therapists, chiropractors and other health professionals have unique needs when it comes to their data. Using the latest practice management software, many health professionals have vital data such as their accounts receivable, appointment book and patient data on their computer. Health professionals often rely more on their computer system than on the actual patient chart. Losing even a few days of data can be a disaster, let alone losing a large portion of computer records.

Also, health professionals rightly spend the bulk of their time tending to their patients, and often are lax in protecting the data that runs their practice. Many health professionals do a poor job of backing up their data each day, and even fewer take a copy of their data offsite each day. Also, even those who take a copy of their data home each day, do not take into account their days off, vacations and the like when their backup system falls apart.

can easily be set to produce a daily offsite backup without any user intervention. A health professional can set to backup offsite in the middle of each night, eliminating the need to take home a tape or disk each day. works with almost all practice management software systems. encrypts the data before it leaves a user’s computer, so patient data is never on the internet unencrypted. The data is stored in a secure, monitored data center, and a user will be notified if their data backups are not working correctly via e-mail. is HIPAA compliant, and allows the health professional to spend their time treating their patients, rather than worrying about their computer system.

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