How Data-Insure Works
• You data never leaves your computer unencrypted
’s easy to navigate software will be installed on your computer
• Free 20 day trial
• Once you become a customer, your credit card will be billed automatically monthly

1. When you choose a backup service plan or free trial to download in the “Pricing and Download” section, the software installer is downloaded from our website and installs the software on your computer. You will then have the icon on your desktop. For more information on installation, see “Installation Instructions”.

2. Your initial backup will backup all your selected data files (Data Only) or your entire system (Full System). Subsequent data backups will scan for files that have changed since the previous backup, and only those changed files will be backed up. Therefore, after the initial backup, all future backups are quick and efficient.

3. The data leaving your computer is encrypted before leaving your computer on each backup. It then is sent via the internet to our secure, monitored data center. When restoring data back to your computer, the data arrives back onto your computer encrypted. It is then unencrypted with your encryption key, once on your computer. Therefore your data is never on the internet, or at our data center unencrypted.

Learn more about features below or:

4. When you click on the icon on your desktop you will see an easy to navigate screen (see below) that will allow you to easily perform many tasks. It is simple to:

• Schedule your daily online backups by clicking on “Options”
• Run a backup at any time by clicking on “Backup Now” on the “Home” tab

• Choose which files to backup by clicking on the “Backup View” tab (looks at your computer’s drives and files)

• Retrieve any files by clicking on “Retrieve Files” on the “Home” tab
• Choose which files to retrieve by clicking on the “Retrieve View” tab (looks at the files you have at the data center)

• See a log of your completed online backups including all new files that were backed up by clicking on the “Log” tab
• Get help on the web by clicking on “Help”
• Share your data with another computer if desired by clicking on “Options”
• Change your encryption key or password by clicking on “Options”
• See when your last backup was, and when your next backup is scheduled by clicking on the “Home” tab

5. When you download a free trial, you will have all the benefits of free of charge for a period of 20 days. You will be asked for your credit card information and we will verify your credit card, but you will not be charged for 20 days. If you wish to cancel your account, just email at any time during the free trial, and you will not be charged. Once you become a customer, your credit card will be billed automatically each month. If you choose not to become a customer, your data will be deleted from our data center.
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