Installation Instructions

• It’s easy to download . Just follow the step by step instructions.

• After your initial backup, all subsequent backups are quick and efficient.

• To see a tutorial on how to pick files for backup, click here


Downloading the Software

After clicking on “Download” the installation will begin automatically. When prompted, choose “Open”. (Alternatively, you may choose to save the installation program to your computer and to install at a later time, but most users choose “Open”)

After the installer has installed onto your computer, follow the simple installation instructions. You will be taken through the simple steps necessary to register an account. You will be prompted to pick an encryption key (required) and a password (optional, we suggest you leave it blank).

NOTE: If you have chosen to save the Data-Insure installer onto your computer, do not double click or run the installer to begin using . A new red and black computer screen icon will be placed on your computer, and that is the icon to double click. It will look like:

If you have trouble installing the software,

1) contact us by email


2) call us at (800) 449-7417


Initial Backup

After downloading , your first comprehensive backup will take a long time proportional to the amount of data you have. After the first backup, using ’s block differential technology, your files are scanned, and only the files that have changed since your last backup are transmitted. Using our Mid-File Restart Technology, you may stop or delay the backup at any time. When resumed, the backup will start where it left off.

Using this technology, all backups after your initial backup are quick and efficient. Often these backups take no more than a few minutes. Without this technology, your backups would take many hours or even days.

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