Heal Feature
• Our full system plan offers the “Heal” function
• The “Heal” function can restore your data to the last uncorrupted version quickly and without a costly repair by a technician
Users of ’s “Full System” or “Network System Backup” have a "Heal" feature built in. Using this feature, a system can be returned to a prior version within the last 30 days that worked properly. A user’s system can be returned to a state with the same desktop settings, complete with all preferences and registry settings.

In this day and age, a computer virus, software conflicts, user error etc. can cause a system failure or “crash”. Without "Heal", a time consuming effort must be undertaken to try to find the problem file or files. With "Heal", the process of restoring data can be done quickly and without hiring a computer technician.

While "Heal" cannot replace virus protection software, which we recommend in addition to , if a problem does occur, you can have your system back in working order quickly and inexpensively.

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