HIPAA Compliance
provides HIPAA compliant protection for your data
• HIPAA requires all Health Care providers to have plans for backup recovery and data restoration
provides automated, inexpensive recovery and data restoration

can help healthcare providers with HIPAA compliance!

Data loss can mean disaster. It can mean hours of frustration, costly replacement, and significant revenue loss. delivers automated data protection over the Internet. It offers scheduled daily backup, data recovery, system repair, file sharing, and data archiving. Download Online Backup and start complying today.

HIPAA states that any health care provider, clearinghouse, or health care plan that electronically maintains or transmits health information pertaining to an individual MUST have contingency plans that include data backup, recovery, and an emergency mode plan.

• Can you retrieve exact copies of your data in the event of a disaster, hard drive crash, or accidental data deletion?
• Are you backing up intellectual property, employee records, or payroll?
• Do you have an emergency mode plan that allows your office to continue operating as normal?
• Do you have a documented disaster recovery plan in the event of data loss or major catastrophe?
• Do you have testing procedures and revision policies?

How is your data protected using ?

• Touch-free service means backups are scheduled to run each night using your Internet connection.
• Highly secured data centers with redundancy and replication means your data is protected.
• Bank-grade encryption means secure transmission and storage for your data.
• Offsite data storage means no hassles with disks, tapes and other peripheral devices.
• Optional monthly CDROM archives can free up hard drive space and provide for historical record keeping.

Background on HIPAA

In 1996, Congress enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The goals of HIPAA are to reduce administrative costs of healthcare, develop industry standards for consistency, promote the security and confidentiality of patient records, and provide incentive for electronic communication for the healthcare industry. HIPAA applies to any health care provider, health care clearinghouse, or health plan that maintains or transmits health information pertaining to individuals.

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