Virus Protection
• PODBI suggests using a combination of virus protection software and

allows you to go back to a version of your system before the virus infection occurred.

does not provide specific virus protection to your system, and we recommend that all users (and all computer users in general) install virus protection software on their systems.

However, using ’s multiple file version technology does offer a user a measure of virus protection above what virus protection software offers. In the event of a virus that the virus protection software does not detect (there are new ones every day), your data can become infected, and if not detected immediately your backup can become infected. Since Data-Insure keeps up to 10 versions of any file for up to 30 days, you can roll back each file to a version before virus infection. Users of our “Full System” plan will have a “Heal” feature that allows you to automatically roll back all your files to a specific date before infection.

For optimum virus protection for any computer, use both virus protection software and .

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