With DATA-INSURE Internet Backup Service,  
  your data is always secure  
Encrypt & backup your data automatically each day to a secure, monitored data center using your internet connection
• A hard drive crash
• A power outage or fire
• Taking home a daily backup tape
• Whether your backup tape or
  disk will restore in an emergency

Backup Business & Home Solutions for Desktops, Laptops & Dell Computer Deals For 40% Off
Plans start as low as $10.99 per month
Up to 1 Gb of data $12.99 per month
Up to 6 Gb of data $22.99 per month
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•Free 20 day online backup trial
•Simple to use, efficient, and affordable
•No more tapes and disks to take home
•Can be automatically scheduled daily
•Internet Backup works with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP
•Bank level data encryption with your own personal encryption password
•Easy and fast to restore your whole system or specific files
•24/7 access to your offsite data (99.9% data center uptime)
•Worldwide web access to your data from any computer
•Professional technical support and customer service
•Multiple file version technology allows you to restore your computer's
files to any of the last 10 previous versions of that file
•Works best in conjunction with top anti virus software Norton
We can provide coupons and promos for Norton to save you up to 40%

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