Small Office Networks
works with most Windows NT networks.

• You can load on either the server or workstation

• If you use Exchange, SQL, Oracle, or Notes, e-mail us or call about solutions.

Users of small office or home networks that use Windows operating systems (Windows NT, 2000, XP, 98, 95) can back up the data on their shared file server using Data-Insure’s “Full System/Network” backup plan in one of two ways. Please Note: Users of the Data Only/Network plan see below.

1. Download the software directly onto the file server (by using the internet explorer on the actual file server computer CPU and screen), and loading the software onto the drive where the data to be backed up is present. While this drive is sometimes called the “F” drive from the network workstations, it might have a different letter on the actual file server computer, sometimes the “C” or “D” drive. The advantage of using this method is that the “Heal” feature is activated on the server (the “Heal” feature is only available on the install computer) and the backup will include all programs on the server. Using this method, the daily backup reports will be available on the server screen only. Most users with networks should choose this option. If you do not have internet access on your server, or if you need to be able to restore workstation programs, choose option #2 below.

2. Download the software to a workstation on the network, choosing the “Full System/Network” plan. Include the mapped network drive or drives (sometimes called “F”, while the workstation drive is sometimes “C”) which contain your data when selecting which files to back up. The advantages of this method are that your daily backup reports will appear on the workstation each day, and that you have a “Full System” backup on the workstation and a “Data Only” plan on the server. In essence you are backing up two computers. If you do not have internet access on your server, or if your priority is to backup a workstations programs, this is a better choice. However, using this method the “Heal” feature will only be present on the workstation (the “Heal” feature is only available on the install computer), so rolling back to previous versions of files on the server will have to be done manually. Also using this method, when restoring you would have to reload all server programs as you can only restore your data.

Please Note: The Data Only/Network plan is a cost effective way to backup a small network. However, this plan will not allow the backup of programs or enable the “Heal” feature (A Full System/Network plan will backup programs and enable the “Heal” feature on the install computer). Users of the Data Only/Network plan should install the software on a workstation, and select the data files and/or directories on their mapped network drives that they want backed up.

PLEASE NOTE: If your office or home network is using a non-Windows operating system such as Novell, you cannot use Data-Insure. Also, if your network is running large multi-user programs such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle or SQL, you cannot use Data-Insure to backup your network. Please e-mail us at for solutions for these networks.


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